The value of 2 websites and advice wanted!

I am very conscious of making sure I take advantage of the fact that each day ideas pour into the twitter feed. It is good to read about things which in fact you have already done.

It was with interest that I read the articles by published by @samrangelSITC and @CreativeEdu ‘Why every teacher should have two websites‘ (original post here) and principally the final lines: ‘Every teacher should have at least two websites. One for the class, and one for the world. Start today. I look forward to answering your questions and shooting down your excuses.”

I have already started writing on some of these sites but it was very much dabbling with ideas at the end of term. Now as the Christmas holiday provides a little more space I have decided to up the work on these so that they are fully functioning sites by next term! They may not be complete but they will at least be functional!

Hopefully these will mean much more blogging from me and far more technology in the classroom.

My personal reflection site –

My work sites for school: (started today!)

I am conscious this also means that there will be a lot more questions! However – that is what twitter, email and the internet are for! Oh face to face conversations with people!!

I would always be keen to hear feedback on these sites (maybe in a few days as one only went live today!) – hopefully speaking to other teachers will mean there will be some really constructive advice. I would be very keen to hear where to improve rather than ‘it looks nice!’


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